Breakfast & Lunch Program

There is a cafeteria on campus, open to all students for breakfast and for their scheduled lunch period.

All enrolled students will receive one free breakfast and one free lunch regardless of meal eligibility status. 

Meal applications are no longer required, however school sites will send the Local Control Funding Formula Collection (LCFF) data form for completion. This important survey determines the funding schools receive and impacts student support and services so we encourage families to ensure they complete and submit the survey upon receipt.

Breakfast starts at 8:15 a.m.

Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch and snack for recess. Parents are encouraged to consider the nutrition quality and portion size of the items. Soda, large bags of chips and candy are highly discouraged.

Classroom Celebrations

CVESD prohibits the use of food items in celebration of a student’s birthday during the school day.


  • No more than 2 class celebrations with food per year
  • Food items should be store-bought and pre-packaged for food and allergy safety

  • Please click here to learn more about CVESD’s Wellness Policy. By adhering to this policy we reduce possible life-threatening allergic reactions and protect students with other critical medical issues. This also minimizes interruptions to instructional time. Parents who wish to distribute non-food treats (stickers, pencils, etc.) to their child’s class are strongly encouraged to discuss their desire with the teacher well in advance.

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