Our students are encouraged to RISE to the challenge to keep our school a happy, safe and welcoming place. The following school rules will help us achieve that goal:

Rules/ Expectations




Outdoor Recess






Follow directions and class routines

Do quality work

Be ready to learn

Wait your turn in line

Make healthy choices

Use quiet voices

Clean up your area

Remain quiet during performance

Applaud when appropriate and always be courteous

Stay focused on the presentation

Follow playground rules

Freeze when you hear the bull horn

Put away equipment at end of recess

Follow the bus driver’s directions

Keep your belongings in your bag.

Use quiet voices

Go directly to your destination

Use quiet voices

Safely distance

Flush and wash your hands

Return to class promptly

Listen and follow directions of all adults

Keep library shelves organized


Be honest Do your best

Make good choices even when no one is watching

Only take your card

Once you’re in line stay in that order

Only five at a time

Sit in assigned area with your class

Participate appropriately

Show good sportsmanship

Play fairly

Stop, think and make good choices

Keep the bus clean

Wait your turn to enter and exit the bus

Make good choices even when no one is watching

Keep walls and floors clean

Use bathroom equipment & materials properly

Report restroom problems

Return books on time

Choose books at your level

Handle books properly


Follow classroom rules

Use materials appropriately

Keep, hands, feet to yourself

Keep hands feet, to yourself

Eat your own food

Enter and exit quietly with your class. Follow all adult instructions

Stay in your space

Keep hand and feet still

Use equipment as intended.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Walk to your class line.

Stay seated and face forward

Keep the aisles clear

Keep hands, feet and objects to self

Use quiet walking feet

Stay to the right side

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Report unsafe behavior to an adult

Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds.

Keep floors dry

Always walk

Honor personal space

Pick up after yourself

Keep hands, feet to yourself


Seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Accept, appreciate and respect everyone

Say please and thank you

Listen and follow directions of all supervisors

Use whole body listening

Think about how your words and actions affect others.

Be inclusive

Seek first to understand then to be understood

Say please and thank you to the bus driver

Use appropriate language.

Greet others, smile

Stop and help others (if they need help)

Be a positive role model

Remember others are waiting

Give others privacy when using restrooms

Greet librarian politely

Raise your hand & patiently wait your turn

Share materials